Michael Salinger, Author and Teaching Artist
School Visits, Workshops, Professional Development and Performance

Michael Salinger is a teaching artist and author, he has presented his unique brand of writing, performance and creativity instruction to a varied host of participants. Whether Junior High, High School, College, Teacher Conferences, Adult Education Classes, Writing Conferences, or the Corporate Boardroom - Salinger engages his classes with enthusiasm, unlocking artistry in every attendee.

Michael also understands the pressure and time constraints today's classroom teacher is under by keeping up on trends in education, most recently participating in a seminar to design effective instructional residencies for students presented by the John F. Kennedy center for the performing arts. All presentations are designed to be integrated into a standards aware curriculum, and while poetry and performance lend itself to language arts - don't discount the value of verbal and written proficiency in other subjects.

Workshops and residency plans can be tailored to your specific needs and or current subject matter. Below are some overviews of subjects that may be presented.

Salinger has presented at the Michigan Council of Teacher's of English, the Keystone State Reading Association, The National Council of Teachers of English, The Association of College Union's International Convention, East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools International conference in Vietnam, The Walloon Institute, the International Reading Association Convention, The Arabian Reading Association conference in Bahrain, the Shanghai American School, China as well as college and high school campuses across the US. He was creative writing instructor at Case Western Reserve University's SmArt in the City program site, an interdisciplinary summer arts program funded by UBS and facilitated by the Cleveland Foundation. He also deliverd the keynote address at the New Mexico International Reading Association state conference in 2007.

Whether you're interested in assemblies, workshops, keynotes or in service presentations, Michael Salinger can accommodate. Salinger has successfully taught his brand of writing workshops to attendees from 3rd grade to university level and beyond.


Salinger is the curriculum director and lead facilitator of Cleveland's Playhouse Square Foundation's Slam U program. A program which reaches over a thousand inner city youth each year through school visits, professional development, and library drop-in centers.

The culmination of this yearly program is the selection of a team (head coached by Salinger) to represent Cleveland at Brave New Voices - the national youth poetry slam competition and festival. The 2007 incarnation of the Cleveland Youth Poetry Slam team, the third to participate in the annual tournament, made the finals stage, placing 4th in the nation.

This program teaches young adults the importance of communication and literacy skills as well as teamwork and interaction with like-minded aspiring writers and performers.

Workshops include :


Salinger leads attendees through exercises from his Heinemann professional book Outspoken. Middle school through graduate level benefit from these exercises designed to scaffold with participants skill level. Informative, memorable and fun! Imagery, Metaphor, Figurative and Descritive Language.
Middle School through adult.

Learn Slamming from one of the originals. Salinger brings over a dozen year's experience, both as a participant an organizer. Salinger was a two term board member of Poetry Slam Inc (www.poetryslam.com), a 501c3 organization that produces the National Poetry Slam tournement as well as other productions and publications.

Salinger currently directs PSi's Poetry Crosstraining Conference.

Nuts and bolts instruction on how to have a poetry slam, run a tournament or reading series forms the backbone of this session. Tips on coaching and mentoring a slam scene and team as well. History and rules of the genre.
Middle School through adult.


Salinger leads the group in a series of surrealist "games". Exercises developed to free words and images from the constraints of rational and discursive order, substituting chance for premeditation. A stream of consciousness approach to creativity and problem solving. A definite cure for writer's block and an escape from well worn synaptic paths that prod the participants to look for solutions in previously dormant areas of their brains. These hands on experiments unleash artistry and promote a multifaceted approach to composition, entertaining and educating simultaneously. Use and understanding of imagery and metaphor form the backbone of lessons learned. Handouts that can be brought back to the class or office are provided.
Middle School through adult.


The #1 fear of mankind is speaking in front of an audience - Number 3 is death.

Take your work from the page to the spotlight burying stage fright for good. Exercises in voice projection, dynamics, and tone. Combine movement and word to get your point across. Great for the aspiring poet, or anyone that may find themselves in front of an audience. Many MFA Creative Writing programs include a public reading of candidate's works but never instruct students in the art of presenting their work in front of an audience. Salinger's instruction is concise, practical and effective.
Middle School through adult.


Turn a family story or personal experience into a fun lesson in narrative structure, descriptive writing and visual language. This workshop helps students to organize images into an entertaining and crafted piece of writing while providing practical application of language arts standards. Students will learn dynamic use of figurative language in setting and character study as well as crafting a strong opening.

Never hear your students say, "I can't think of anything to write about" again.

Follow-up lessons include exercises in summarization and interlocking storylines.
Middle School through adult.


For the younger student: Build literacy, comprehension and fluency through the use of writing exercises that look and feel like games as students come to understand imagery, metaphor, rhythm, structure and editing....
Third through Fifth Grade


Salinger leads the class through the creation and performance of definition poems. Based on his Boyds Mill Press book, Well Defined and research from his forthcoming professional book from Heinemann, Hi Definition: Vigorous Vocabulary Acquisition - students from elementary through high school and beyond will actually enjoy learning new words. Fun and memorable vocabulary lessons that are successful across the curriculum.
Fourth Grade through adult


Whether school auditorium, library, teacher conference , or nightclub - Michael Salinger's performances always entertain and inform. Or, let Michael facilitate a reading for you. Combine any of the above workshops with a performance class and see your students (or yourself) up on the stage.


Bookings for professional development are handled by Heinemann.

References upon request.

Check out Michael's schedule to see if he's going to be in your area - organizations often piggyback travel expenses.

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